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Grand Paradiso - Italy

Once a Royal Hunting Reserve for Italian royalty, this wild region of northern Italy is ripe for those who want to discover high alpine mountain passes. In September 2015 we ran our reconnaissance trek to this amazing and rugged part of the world. The Gran Paradiso didn't just provide breathe taking vistas but also great wildlife, fantastic hospitality, delicious food and sublime wine. In 2016 we will be taking our first expedition to the Gran Paradiso visiting Rome, Turin and Aosta on the way. If Italy is on the cards in 2016 then why not see rural Italy the way it once was.

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Undiscovered Sri Lanka

For many years we had been told that Sri Lanka was a forgotten gem in the world of adventure and remote travel. Finally, we sent a team there in 2015 who certainly found a gem bursting with adventure, culture, natural wonders and historical significance.

In 2016 we are opening Undiscovered Sri Lanka to our No Roads community. There you will be professionally escorted by a No Roads Guide over mountain passes, into ancient temples and monasteries, into traditional kitchens and down raging rivers. This expedition includes treks and rafting as well as tuk tuk driving, cooking classes, staying in a monastery as well as five star resorts. Eclectic experiences is what this adventure is all about.

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Humpback Encounter Tonga

Swimming with Humpback whales Tonga

This amazing 1 week adventure will bring you close up to one of nature's greatest creatures, the Humpback Whale. Migrating to Tonga during the southern hemisphere's winter to calve and breed, the whales are often seen off the coast of Ha'apai, our island home for the week. This is a remote adventure in a wonderful part of the world. But we will be kept comfortable in our beach side Fales and some amazing home cooking.

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6 Day Kokoda Trek

Kokoda Track PNG

For those with a little less time on their hands our 8 day (6 days trekking) is perfect for you. We arrive in PNG on the Saturday and start trekking on the Sunday. All war sites will be visited along the way including Kokoda, Deniki, Isurava, Brigade Hill and Imita Ridge. The trip also includes accommodation at the start and end in one of Port Moresby's most comfortable hotels.

For those looking to do Kokoda in 2016 over 8 days (6 days trekking) this trip will be a great challenge for you. Click here for more information about our Kokoda trek.