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Consider training with 15-20kg of weight so that the recommended 12kg on the track will be lighter than what you're used to. This will offset the strength-sapping impact of PNG's humidity. If you are planning to use trekking poles, train with them now. (They are common now so no-one will think you're strange).

We all have busy lifestyles so if this is not possible, a hike into the hills every two or three weeks would be beneficial. We believe this will really help you enjoy your time on the expedition. 

Never do on the Track what’s not been tested by you (for months) in training. That is, if you haven’t tried it during months of advanced training, don’t succumb to last minute “bright ideas” (from yourself or others) on the Track unless it has proven okay for you many times in training, for example:

  • Don’t wrap your feet or toes in sports tape!

  • Don’t buy new boots or socks just before going on the Track!

  • Don’t wear new clothes!

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October 2014

Our Komodo Kayaking Expedition appears in the 50 Places to Paddle Before You Die book by Chris Santella. Click here to see our great sea kayaking expedition in the Komodo Islands.

October 2014

This is a short article about what Peter Miller, CEO of No Roads can't travel without. We think he forgot passport and cash as well. This appeared in Air Niugini's Inflight Magazine. Thanks to author Sue Henley.

24 June 2014

Andrew Flanagan takes students to Kokoda next week on what is sure to be a life changing experience.

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12 May 2014

24 April 2014

No Roads Does Kokoda

16 April 2012

Herald Sun Article on AED on Kokoda












12 April 2012

Kokoda Operator and RSL Team Up For ANZAC Day Appeal

Tour operator, No Roads Expeditions and the Victorian branch of the RSL, have teamed up to raise awareness of this years ANZAC Day Appeal. The RSL has developed a Kokoda Track pin for this years appeal. The 70th Anniversary of the Kokoda Track Campaign is commemorated with a $30 bronze look pin.

The RSL is teaming up with No Roads Expeditions to raise awareness of the Appeal. From the 16th of April to ANZAC Day, the 25th April, Mr Hadyn Hewitt, a veteran guide for No Roads Expeditions, will be broadcasting directly from the Kokoda Track. Mr Hewitt is escorting a group of 13 Australian Trekkers across the Track in a lead up to the ANZAC ceremony at Bomana War Cemetry in Port Moresby, PNG.

It is hoped that these broadcasts will make people aware of the ANZAC Day Appeal and that they can help by purchasing one of the pins that will be sold by volunteers throughout Victoria up to and on ANZAC Day.

Mr Hewitt, who had relatives fight at Galipoli and on the Western Front, is passionate about Australia's involvement in past conflicts and understands the importance of the appeal. He says "walking the Kokoda Track with other Australians, gives them an insight into what our soldiers went through and gives them an appreciation of the debt we owes these men. Being able to tell our story from the Track directly to Australia will hopefully gives those back home that same sense of indebtedness and go out and support the appeal". Completing Kokoda involves 50 hours of trekking over sharp, timbered ridges, steep valleys and fast flowing rivers: there is good reason why many Kokoda trekkers consider it the toughest physical challenge they've ever done. Through this, Australians gain an insight into what both Australian and Japanese forces faced during their struggle on the Owen Stanley Ranges in 1942.

The RSL has not yet confirmed which radio station or stations will take the daily reports from the Kokoda Track, however they are hoping for a positive response from media outlets.

The RSL will also have live Facebook feeds from along the Track on their Facebook page. This combined with radio, television and print media exposure will hopefully help raise as much as possible.







 11 April 2012

Adventure Travel Goes Social

What has an adventure travel company and a software developer got in common? Nothing in particular until you introduce the small SPOT device used by adventurers and combine it with some innovative software. The software allows the adventurer to share their experiences on Social Web platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real time, as they are doing the adventure.

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