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Reconnect with nature

2020 has already proven itself an incredible year.

Without a doubt challenging, presenting us and the world as a whole with dangers and concerns we'd only months ago never even considered.

It is, however, also an opportunity.

For all of us, a chance to find solace in, and reconnect with our comfort zone. The great outdoors, nature!

How can I possibly plan a trip when Covid-19 travel restrictions are still in place?

We want to travel. We want you to travel.

Beyond that, we want you to not only dream about travel again, but to also begin to plan for your next adventure, and even lock in your next trip!

Our biggest advocates and supporters remain our guests, so we're doing all we can to help you achieve this.

For all new Bookings for Australian and New Zealand trips we're offering:

$0 Deposits on all domestic Australian and New Zealand 2021 departures*

• New Weekend Escapes and Expeditions across Australia and New Zealand

• New health and safety measures to keep everyone safe from Covid-19

• Private groups and bespoke departures. Contact us with a trip and possible dates 

There is no way that any of us can predict the future impact that Covid-19 may have on our capacity to travel, all signs, however, suggest that both New Zealand and Australia through their individual efforts, will be among the first nations to reopen to domestic and international travel.

We're coaching our guides, consulting with government and health authorities, AFTA, the ATTA, and most importantly, connecting with locals in our efforts to get you back outdoors.

Our excursions can be considered a low-risk activity for transmission of Covid-19 due to several factors. Trekking usually takes place in well-ventilated areas, involves little to no sharing of equipment, is conducted in small groups, is easy to participate in while maintaining social distance and does not require close supervision

As our understanding of the virus and the various local conditions change, our operational conditions will also evolve. Be sure to check back as regularly as you need for any updates.


*Terms and Conditions apply

New Health and Safety Measures

We generally spend our time in small groups in the great outdoors (which is a low-risk environment). 

To minimize the risk of material to person contamination, we've transitioned from physical welcome packs to an electronic version, now distributed via email which has the added bonus of reducing our paper consumption.

We've also added additional practices and recommendations in response to the climate in which we currently find ourselves, including maximum group sizes of 8 people for Australian departures.

The best experience for all of our guests is paramount, as well as our duty of care towards the local communities in which we venture. 

This remains a collective effort. There's simply no way we can do this without your help and cooperation.

We are all in this together!


You can read our full Covid-19 Health Policy HERE...

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