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10 Day Komodo Kayaker


I had the most amazing time on the kayaking trip! I think that's the first time I have gone on holidays by myself which is exactly what I needed, and really it could not have been any better or easier! I loved every minute of it! I connected so well with Paul and Annabel, I think we spent most of every day either snorkeling or eating and laughing a lot...they really made the trip for me.

Along with them Agus and Matius were amazing, they looked after us so well and we all had so much fun together! (as well as the boat crew). Kirsten (Australia)


  • Visit the world renowned Komodo Park and Rinca Island 
  • See the largest lizard on the planet 
  • Paddle among some of the most remote islands in Indonesia 
  • Snorkel amongst pristine coral and schools of fish 
  • Experience one of the best eco-expeditions around


Can you imagine sea kayaking to some of the most remote beaches on earth, accessing areas rarely visited because your sea kayak is the only way in or out. Can you imagine drifting over magnificent coral reefs and dodging small whirlpools that dot the seas in which you are paddling. Can you imagine visiting islands that are uninhabited and ones that are still inhabited by mythical Dragons. If you can, then our Komodo Kayaker is for you.

The Komodo National Park is made up of over two dozen islands between Sumbawa and Flores. These prehistoric looking islands are home to the Komodo Dragon, a creature that time seemed to forget. These mighty beasts are over 3m long and weigh up to 150kg. But don't let their slow nature fool you, when food or mating are involved, the Dragon can run nearly 30km per hour.

The Komodo Dragon however is just one attraction of the park. The area boasts some of the best marine life on the planet, with dozens of reefs in which we will snorkel. We will visit sites where manta ray and turtle are common. It is also home to uninhabited islands and glorious beaches.

We will visit small stilted villages and experience life on the sea like nowhere else.We will also visit remote water falls and small villages on the main island of Flores.

This 10 day expedition starting from Bali or Jakarta is one of a kind. We are the only operator running kayaking expeditions in the National Park. You will be part of something that very few have experienced before, kayaking the Komodo Islands, Indonesia.

For those that wish to incorporate a SCUBA Dive on this expedition (highly recommended), we can arrange for a specialised SCUBA vessel to meet us in the Park for 2 dives for an additional AUD$170.

As part of this expedition, you will be helping to preserve the local eco-system through donations from No Roads and cleaning the park of all plastics as we go. Through the work that we and other like minded organisations do, we hope that the Komodo National Park will remain an attraction for our children's children.


Day 1: Arrive in Bali/Jakarta and transfer to hotel. 
Day 2: Fly Bali/Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. (B)
Day 3: Labuan Bajo - Bedadhari - Seture Island (B,L,D)
Day 4: Seture - Pearl Farm - Pungu Island (B,L,D)
Day 5: Pungu Island - Kukusan - Gado  - Rinca Village - Kaaba (B,L,D)
Day 6: Rinca - Manta Point - Sebayor Kecil (B,L,D)
Day 7: Sebayor Kecil - Kanawa - Labuan Bajo (B,L)
Day 8: Tour to Cunca Wulang Waterfalls. (B,L)
Day 9: Labuan Bajo to Bali/Jakarta. (B) 
Day 10: Head home. (B)

This expedition is perfect for families wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and spend time together exploring the amazing Komodo Islands.  We have a minimum age of 10 years on our expeditions and we offer a 25% discount off the expedition price for all children 14 years of age and under.

Expedition Dates
This expedition is open between March and December for group sizes 2 - 9 pax. If there are 2 or more of you we can offer private or customised trips to suit your needs (please note there might be additional costs involved). For any further information please contact our office.

Kayaking around the Komodo Islands requires a medium level of fitness and an effort to get in to good physical shape for your expedition. The fitter you are the more enjoyable you will find this trip. Due to safety regulations, our kayaks can hold a maximum capacity of 100kg for a single kayak and 200kg for a double kayak. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please contact our office to discuss this further.

SCUBA Dive Option
For those that would like to incorporate a SCUBA Dive into the itinerary this can be done and is highly recommended. 2 dives for AUD$170. Diver must be certified.

Flores Road Trip Extension
For those that want to stay on in Flores and explore more of the island we have a fantastic trip that runs from Labuan Bajo to Ende visiting places such as Ruteng, Bajawa and the famous Kelimutu Tri Colour Lake Volcano. This 5 day 4 night trip costs only $990 p/p ex Labuan Bajo Twin Share. 

Komodo dragons are the largest lizard still living on earth, but they are not the largest reptile. Alligators and crocodiles get bigger than Komodo dragons.

Komodo dragons are a monitor lizards. Their scientific name is Varanus komodoensis. They grow to 3m in length and can weigh as much as 150kg. While they are usually slow moving, they can put on spurts of speed equal to a dog.

Komodo dragons drool copiously. Their saliva is not venomous, but the mouth of a Komodo dragon is so full of bacteria that a bite from one almost always leads to infection. If untreated, the infection is usually fatal. This is one way in which the dragons get food. They hide in the scraggly jungle and wait for a victim to pass by. The victim is most often a deer, carabao or goat. The dragon attacks the prey, and may succeed in killing it on the spot. Otherwise, the bites sustained by the victim will generally kill it eventually, and the dragons will then eat the carrion.

The giant lizards have powerful claws which they use to devastating effect in fights with other lizards. Males have scratching fights with each other during mating season.

Komodo dragons are excellent swimmers, and can swim from one island to another. The island of Komodo has many beautiful beaches where a visitor can play and swim, but the presence of Komodo dragon foot- and tail- prints in the sand warns the visitor to be cautious and watchful.

Some of Komodo's beaches have beautiful pink sand, tinted by fragments of red coral mixed in with other shell and coral fragments. Other beaches have gray sand derived from cliffs of rhyolite. Heavy black sand composed of nearly pure magnetite accumulates next to the cliffs.

The snorkeling and diving around Komodo are some of the best in the world, especially for seeing soft corals. A professional diver told us, "You know, when you're a diver, you spend your life dreaming of and searching for the best dive site in the world. Well, Komodo is it."

Australian citizens and citizens of the United Kingdom do not require a visa on arrival. They are entitled to a free entry visa stamp for tourist purposes which is valid up to 30 days but can not be extended.

For all other nationalities, please check the Indonesian entry and visa requirements.


Day 1: Arrive in Bali or Jakarta and transfer to hotel. Free time to relax.

Day 2: Bali/Jakarta - Labuan Bajo (Komodo National Park) (B)
Fly Bali/Jakarta to Labuan Bajo. Arrive at Komodo Labuan Bajo airport. You will be met at the airport by one of our team members and taken to your hotel. Today you will meet with your Guide for a briefing and then head off for a tour of the small town of Labuan Bajo to see the local market and more. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 3: Labuan Bajo - Bedadhari - Seture Island (B,L,D)
Today we start our adventure. After the safety briefing at Puri Sari beach, we head off to Bedadhari Island for a bit of snorkelling and lunch. After lunch we are off to visit the spectacular site of Goa Rangko cave. Goa Rangko is a grotto with an amazing clear lake seamed by stalactites and stalagmites. After Goa Rangko we will sail back to Seture. Overnight in Safari style tents on Seture beach. Kayak 5.3km & 30km by boat.

Day 4: Seture - Pearl Farm - Pungu Island (B,L,D)
After breakfast we start our paddle to Pungu Pearl farm to check out how to source these beautiful products of the sea. Then off to Menjerite for lunch and some snorkelling. After lunch we will kayak the beautiful surrounding islands until we reach our overnight camp at Pungu Island where we can snorkel the crystal clear reef just off the beach and watch the sunset over the surrounding islands in the Komodo National Park. Overnight in Safari style tents on Pungu Island. Kayak 12.5km.

Day 5: Pungu Island - Kukusan - Gado - Rinca Village - Kaaba (B,L,D)
After a bit of snorkelling just off the beach of Pungu Island and breakfast we start paddling to Kukusan, a local village. If school is in we will visit the school and students.
Our next leg is to Gado with its’ wonderful mangroves and some amazing snorkelling in a spot with giant table corals and more. Hopefully one of the resident turtles might say hello.

In the afternoon we have the option of paddling or boating to the fishing village on Rinca to have a stroll. Use to be living with the Dragons in their neighbourhood, the village is now protected by a high fence around the village to keep the dragons out. This will be followed by a sunset boat ride to a small mangrove island (Kaaba), inhabited by bats. This is a great sight enjoyed from our top deck with thousands of bats flying into the night sky for their evening meal. Overnight in cabin on support boat in the park. Kayak 7.2km & 9km by boat.

Day 6: Rinca - Manta Point - Sebayor Kecil (B,L,D)
Early morning we will rise and boat to the Rinca Ranger’s Office to look for Komodo Dragons. Rinca (pronounced Rin - cha) is the best place in the park to see the Dragons as their numbers and density are larger there. We will be shown around the park by a trained Ranger who will explain the eco-system, the Dragon's habits, the life of other inhabitants on the island such as the Macaque, Buffalo, Deer, Tree snakes etc.

After a drink at the Ranger's Cafe' we will start heading west to Manta Point to hopefully snorkel with these gracious animals. After lunch we will then start our paddle towards Sebayor Kecil to set up our last  beach camp for the trip. Sebayor Kecil has a beautiful beach and some great coral reefs and fish population so a spot of snorkelling the next morning is encouraged. Overnight in Safari style tents. Kayak 10 km and 9km by boat.

Day 7: Sebayor Kecil - Kanawa - Labuan Bajo (B,L)
After enjoying the reef just off the beach we make our way towards Kanawa through some Mangroves before we hit an open stretch. We will stop in Kanawa for lunch and more snorkelling before we boat or paddle back to Labuan Bajo. Overnight at Hotel. Kayak 19km.

For those taking up the SCUBA Diving option, this is the day that you can SCUBA Dive at some of the best sites in the Komodo National Park. Sites change due to weather and water conditions, as well fish conditions such as Batu Bolong. The SCUBA Boat will pick you up for 2 dives and then drop you back to the hotel in the late afternoon (lunch provided).

Day 8: Labuan Bajo - Cunca Wulang Waterfalls - Labuan Bajo (B,L)  
Today we head out for a day at the Cunca Wulang Waterfalls. The falls are just beyond a beautiful traditional village. The hike there and back is picturesque and we will have a chance to chat to the locals along the way. The falls are spectacular with an enormous fall at one end of a large canyon, which has been carved by the falls themselves. We will be able to swim in the beautifully cool waters all the way to the fall's base. Overnight at hotel.

Day 9: Labuan Bajo - Bali/Jakarta (B)
In the morning you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Bali/Jakarta where you will be met at the airport by the hotel and taken there. You can stay the night at the hotel in Bali/Jakarta but if you are short on time you might prefer to fly home or to your next destination. 

Day 10: End of your amazing adventure. You can now fly home or extend your stay in Indonesia. (B)

Note: This itinerary can vary due to local conditions and strength of kayaking team. Days can be shortened or lengthened depending on many factors. 

The itinerary commencing and finishing point is optional either from Bali or Jakarta however you must depart from your point of origin.  If this differs from your plans, please contact our office directly.


  • Kayak use with all safety gear including vest, paddle etc
  • 2 nights accommodation in Bali/Jakarta twin share
  • 3 nights accommodation in Labuan Bajo twin share
  • 3 nights camping
  • 1 night accommodation in cabin on our support boat.Note: Cabins are shared by group members of the same gender and we might not be able to accommodate couples in the same room that night.
  • All domestic flights
  • National park fees
  • Professional guide throughout expedition
  • Labuan Bajo Town Tour 
  • Tour to Cunca Wulang Waterfalls
  • Ranger and local guide fees
  • All meals on expedition (9 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches and 4 Dinners)
  • Toilet tent
  • Airport transfers to and from accommodation in Bali (Holiday Inn)/Jakarta and Flores (Puri Sari Hotel).

Note: If you are traveling alone and do not want to share accommodation, a Single Supplement of $350 will apply. The Single Supplement can only be granted for the hotel accommodation. During the kayaking part of the trip the Single Supplement is subject to availability.


  • International Airfares
  • Airport Tax
  • Travel Insurance for your trip
  • Tips
  • Alcoholic beverages



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