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Bass Strait High Seas Adventure


"The sea has no fortune, no love, but beyond the horizon lies a view worth a king's ransom". Joseph Conrad


  • Sail the magnificent Bass Strait
  • Be part of the crew, participating in hoisting sail, steering, taking watch and more
  • Visit rarely seen islands such as Deal and Flinders Island
  • Snorkel pristine waters, you won't believe you are in Australia
  • See fur seals, pods of dolphin, pelicans, albatross, mutton bird colonies and more wonderful wildlife


Did you know that there are 33 islands in the waters between mainland Australia and Tasmania? Some are large inhabited islands such as King and Flinders Islands. Many however are uninhabited, providing a pristine home for other creatures such as muttonbirds, fur seals and more. And while this stretch of water known as Bass Strait is for a large part of the year, inhospitable, when summer descends upon southern Australia the waters and the islands within, burst into life providing the intrepid adventurer with rarely witnessed scenes of rugged beauty.

This season we will cross Bass Strait aboard the expedition yacht "Blizzard" on a 7 day sailing adventure between Melbourne and Launceston. The 240km stretch of sea that makes up Bass Strait, is home to an amazing collection of flora and fauna as well as stunning islands and pristine waters. Dolphins, whales as well as huge schools of Australian Salmon share this summer paradise with fur seals, mutton birds, albatross and pelican populations, as well as the iconic Fairy Penguins.

We have created 2 itineraries for the crossing of Bass Strait. The first is from Melbourne via Wilsons Promontory and then down to Launceston on the shores of the Tamar. The second is in reverse from Launceston to Melbourne.

We will be aboard the "Blizzard", an aptly named 20 metre schooner that has circumnavigated the Antarctic Continent several times. Think of this trip as "expeditioning", where you will become part of the "crew", active in many facets of the journey. When you have to wash your own dishes you know you are on an adventure expedition.

This fantastic 7 day journey between the mainland of Australia and its largest island, Tasmania, will be a great adventure, taking you to parts of Australia few ever visit. We look forward to seeing you aboard.


Day 1: Depart Melbourne early in the morning. We will sail due south for Port Philip Heads and then south east for Wilsons Prom. (L,D)
Day 2: Today we will sail throughout the Wilsons Prom area. (B, L, D)
Day 3: Wilsons Prom to Deal island (B, L, D)
Day 4: Deal Island to Flinders Island (B, L, D)
Day 5: Flinders Island to Goose Island and Cape Barren Island (B, L, D)
Day 6: Cape Barren Island to George Town (B, L, D)
Day 7: George Town to Launceston (B,L)

Note: For those doing the Launceston to Melbourne trip, the itinerary will effectively be in reverse.


Although the Blizzard is a charter vessel, we like to think of our voyage in terms of 'expeditioning' rather than 'charter cruising'. The latter might conjure up visions of inactivity, rum and tonic sunsets and subservient behaviour paid to the guests by the professional crew.

Instead, our aim is to give the crew (our guests) a sense of participation in all facets of operating a small vessel in a remote area. The following perspective is one I like to pass on:

"When you have to do your own dishes you're on an expedition, if not, you are chartering."

The vessel will always have a dedicated cook/mate, so if necessary meals will be prepared throughout, although everyone is encouraged to try their hand in the galley.

Washing up after meals, however, is taken in turn. On deck, everyone will be expected to do a bit of steering, sail handling and help with launching and re-embarking the dinghy. No prior experience is needed for any of these activities.

Oh and by the way, we are still expecting to have the rum and tonic (though my personal favourite is Vodka soda) as the sunsets over Bass Strait.


  • Excellent meals, freshly made (6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches and 6 Dinners)
  • As much tea, coffee and water as you like.
  • 2 qualified crew members to sail the yacht
  • 6 nights aboard the "Blizzard"
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Use of inflatable motorized tenders to access remote islands
  • Basic fishing equipment.


  • Flights to and from start points
  • Accommodation before and after expedition
  • Medication