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Dates for 2019 will be released by mid April 2018. Stay Tuned!


Approximately twenty - five percent (25%) of our trekkers have either repeat trekked with us or gone on to become Clinical Team Leaders. The vast majority of trekkers have stayed engaged through social media, emails, fund-raising events and advocated throughout their professional networks to promote No Roads – Health work in PNG, which we believe is testament to the quality of the program. 


A perfect antidote to the humdrum of GP life in the burbs. Medical presentations to bring back that wonder of diagnosis. People appreciating your efforts to help, even when you can't always.  Diagnoses that have never appeared on your list of differentials, what a challenge. The people of PNG are refreshing and bring you back to why you are in this career. Maybe even improving your medicine / nursing back home. - Dr Barry Teperman (GP - Victoria)


Wow, what an amazing adventure!!! It is hard to find the words to describe this experience which has changed my outlook on life forever!!! The people we met were happy, welcoming and beautiful. The nursing is in locations you can only dream of, is back to basics and pushed us out of our comfort zone in ways we did not anticipate. What a privilege to walk, talk and work hard with like minded people. We shared so many laughs, stories, history and some very special memories in this majestic, remote location. No Roads – Health supports people to experience something wonderful and I am so very proud to have been involved with such a wonderful group of professional people who, together, are truly making a difference in Papua New Guinea. Make this part of your next adventure, you won’t regret it!!! ...... And if you think you can’t...... you can!!!..... get out there and do something that will change your life forever!!! - Mia (RN - Victoria)


No Roads - Health - where do I start? My experience was so far above and beyond my expectations of what it would be. Working with a group of people from different professional backgrounds, and with different levels of experience, to provide health care to the people of PNG was an amazing experience. There were things we came across that stumped us and provoked different emotions in all of us. I learnt so much about both PNG's and Australia's health care systems, and what we can do when we combine our healthcare workers to create a team with nothing but the wellbeing of the people of PNG in mind. I will do it all over again as soon as I can. Absolutely loved my time as part of the No Roads - Health team. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.' - Bianca Di Sciascio (RN - Victoria)


Hard to sum up the experience using words. It was much more than I could have anticipated. The local hospitality, generosity, warmth and good will shown to us was amazing and unexpected. The wonderful scenery and lushness of the villages made a wonderful backdrop for the outdoor clinics. I didn't expect to have withdrawal symptoms when I came home! I'm hooked and can't wait to go back. - Fiona (RN / RM - Western Australia)


“Stewart no words can describe my experience. Hands down the best thing I have done and I've done a lot! …..! Thanks for a bril trip x” Katie (RN - Western Australia)


“Words cannot explain how incredible the past week has been. I can't thank the No Roads Health team enough for allowing me to be part of their mission to improve healthcare and its accessibility to the remote areas of PNG. We treated over 400 people assisting in the vaccination of over 80 children, conducted over 80 eye tests and provided general healthcare and promotion. The difference we made in eight days to so many lives is such a rewarding feeling!” Elysha (RN – Victoria)

“This trip to PNG changed my life in a way that I cannot even describe! I feel so blessed that we as a team were able to touch the lives of 430+ beautiful people. I cannot wait to get back over there in the future and do it all again” Hannah (Student Nurse - Victoria)




Since Papua New Guinea gained its independence from Australia back in 1975, the country’s healthcare has been a major issue. It has had some of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, high infant mortality rates and a low ratio of healthcare workers to population.

Thankfully, this is beginning to change, and more focus on community healthcare programmes is increasing awareness and improving education around the issue. That’s why No Roads Expeditions is delighted to support DFAT, PNG health authorities and partner NGO's to help make a difference.

The Kokoda Track is a place of great national significance, having been the site of a major battle between Australian troops and the invading Japanese army in 1942. It’s a poignant and emotive place that weighs heavy with memories of hardship and sorrow. Hopefully, we can remember this past but also be part of creating a better future for those who live in the region.

The No Roads - Health expedition aims to introduce healthcare professionals into local villages, providing general medical care while passing on knowledge and skills to local people. The education is centred around maternal and infant health, wound and infection management, and nutrition. 

The expedition differs from other projects in that this is not a short-term goal. Our aim is to provide a consistent, coordinated approach that delivers real outcomes over time. It aims to consult local communities and work with them in the most effective way possible. Most importantly the project is ongoing, with approximately four expeditions each year visiting communities now and into the future.

The Central Kokoda Track expedition follows the legendary trail for parts of its 100-kilometre length, through the rugged terrain of the Owen Stanley mountains. It’s tough going but incredibly rewarding both physically and emotionally. It’s an amazing bonding opportunity and your chance to experience something new while helping to improve the lives of local people in the long term. Our Coastal expediton is somewhat easier physically, as we visit the villages amongst the majical fjords of the Tufi District.

Sponsorship -

Every team member who takes part in a No Roads - Health Expedition is eligible for sponsorship from the No Roads Expeditions Foundation (Australia) Ltd. We activley support and encourage team members to fundraise for their trip in order to reduce the financial burden on themselves and promote awareness of the health needs of the people of remote rural areas of PNG.

We run two types of different expeditions throughout the year.

  1. Central part of the Kokoda Track - Grade 3 (Difficult)

  2. Coastal expedition near Tufi - Grade 2 (Moderate)

To learn more about the No Roads - Health program please visit our Project Page where we have a latest news blog, links to recent expedition reports, more information about our mission and objectives and much more.


Our mission:

To partner with aid agencies to deliver targeted health activities which benefit the people of Papua New Guinea.


Central Track Expeditions 

This expedition is rated Grade 3 - Difficult.

Day 1 (Friday) - Travel Australia to Port Moresby 

The expedition team will meet at Melbourne Airport (or at Jackson International Airport Port Moresby -  interstate team members).  The Expedition and Clinical Team Leader will act as host and coordinate travel to Port Moresby.  The team will be transferred to the Holiday Inn.  That afternoon, the team will rest, have dinner and undertake a pre expedition briefing. (overnight Holiday Inn)

Day 2 (Saturday) Six Mile Medical Clinic & No Roads XPD Compound Medical Clinic
Breakfast at the Holiday Inn.  The team will travel to the Six Mile Government Clinic where they will work with local health care workers at one of the nations busiest facilities.  People will have travelled for miles around to obtain medical treatment.

After lunch the team will travel to the compound where the relatives of the No Roads Expeditions porters live in Port Moresby and a clinic will be conducted. (overnight Holiday Inn)

Day 3 (Sunday) - Flight POM to Maraba (Lamagi) / Mt. Koiari.  Trek Maraba (Lamagi) to Kagi.
Breakfast at 5.30am and then leave for Port Moresby Airport where the team will board the flight to Maraba.  This 30 minute flight will take us over the Owen Stanley Ranges and much of the Kokoda Track.  If visibility is good, we will be able to view the famous dry lake beds of Myola where the biscuit bombers dropped supplies to our troops in 1942.

The team land in Maraba (Lamagi) and meet our porters and the Community Health Care Workers (CHWs) who will be part of our team for the week.

After organising gear, the team will trek to Kagi, a two hour trek across the Kokoda Track where they will have lunch, set up camp and introduce themselves to the people of Kagi.  A training session will be held with the CHWs that evening and a briefing session for the next day. (overnight Kagi)

Day 4 (Monday) - Morning clinic Kagi
The morning will be spent in Kagi working out of the aid post and visiting any people who are unable to make it to the Health Clinic at Naduri (1 hour walk away). Trek Kagi to Naduri via Kovovo School and hold an afternoon clinic at Naduri. (overnight Naduri)

Day 5 (Tuesday) Trek Naduri to Efogi, afternoon clinic Efogi
Efogi has a Health Clinic.  Many of the women will be working in the fields during the day so the team will spend some time auditing the facility and training/mentoring the CHWs. The team will most likely have an early dinner and run a clinic in to the night. (overnight Efogi)

Day 6 (Wednesday) - Trek Efogi to Menari (via Brigade Hill)
Enjoy a tough but beautiful walk to Menari via Brigade Hill where a service will be held. The team may swim in the river prior to trekking up to the village and camp. Afternoon clinic in Menari (overnight at Menari)

Day 7 (Thursday) - Flight Menari to POM (am) followed by a visit to Bomana Cemetery. Lunch (at own expense) probably back at the Holioday Inn. The team will tour Port Moresby General Hospital in the afternoon prior to the Expedition review and dinner back at the hotel (overnight Holiday Inn)

Day 8 (Friday) - Travel Port Moresby to Australia


Coastal Expedition -

A message from Stewart Kreltszheim, Expedition Coordinator & Expedition Guide :

" I went to Tufi on the coast of PNG for a relaxing holiday and quickly realised that No Roads - Health needed to return here.  Whereas the villages of The Kokoda Track are isolated by rugged terrain, these villages are denied health care by vast expanses of water which are susceptible to strong winds and rough seas.  The Health Centre in this region cannot cope with the demand placed on them with their limited resources and they, along with the villages, were hopeful that we could replicate what we have done in the highlands in this beautiful coastal region."

This is not a hard trekking expedition - the team will travel to many of the villages by boat and canoe as there are "No Roads"!!! 


This expeditions is rated Grade 2 - Moderate


Day 1 - Sunday - Travel Australia to Port Moresby, overnight at Holiday Inn

Day 2 - Monday - fly to Tufi, dive boat to Tumari Bay, clinic for Tumari / Berubona, overnight Tumari

Day 3Tuesday - Banana boat to Sinei for am clinic, lunch at Sinei, banana boat to Vovo for pm clinic and overnight

Day 4Wednesday - banana boat to Tufi clinic for the day (re-stock), lunch at Tufi Resort, dive boat to Jebo for overnight

Day 5Thursday - Jebo / Orotoaba clinic and overnight at Jebo

Day 6Friday - banana boat to Marassa for am clinic, banana boat to Tomlins for late lunch and overnight

Day 7Saturday - banana boat to Utukwaf for am clinic, banana boat to Tomlins for late lunch and overnight

Day 8Sunday dive boat to Sefoa for am clinic, dive boat to Tufi for late lunch and afternoon off, final dinner and overnight at Tufi Dive Resort

Day 9Monday - Flights Tufi - Popendetta - Port Moresby – Australia.

A huge day of travel home to Australia by commercial aircraft (no more boats).

Administration : All participants will be required to have a valid Australian passport, PNG Visa, be responsible for their own medical inoculations and have travel insurance relevant to PNG for the duration of the expedition. You will also need to sign a Trekker Agreement which is included in the Welocme Pack and outlines your responsibilities. 

Please note that you will be in a rural environment in PNG with no electricity and limited facilities.  The target audience will be PNG villagers, some with limited English (we will work through interpreters) and little to no education.

Each participant / client of a No Roads to Health expedition will be responsible for self-funding or fundraising their own expedition costs.  This will be supported by the No Roads - Health Team.

An expedition Polo shirt will be designed and supplied to all participants.

Domestic glights & all PNG logistical arrangements will be facilitated by NO ROADS Expeditions including the procurement of porters, food, accommodation etc.

A detailed list of what each participant should take will be provided to each member in their Welcome Pack. 




  • Accommodation at the Holiday Inn Port Moresby / Tufi Resort / Village Stays
  • Domestic flights 
  • Track Permits and Camp Fees (Central Track)
  • All meals while trekking
  • Medical / Nursing Registration within PNG
  • A No Roads Expeditions Guide
  • A No Roads - Health Clinical Team Leader
  • All transfers
  • Local guide and porter team (Central Track)
  • Team Polo shirt


  • Travel Insurance
  • International Flights
  • Meals while in Port Moresby (Central Track) except breakfast which is included in your expedition fee
  • Beverages
  • General spending money
  • Visa


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