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Rise of the Himalaya Tibet

  • EBC Rongbuk China Tibet Side
  • Everest from Tibet
  • Potala Lhasa
  • Monks Hands
  • Tibet Mountain lake


The Himalaya is the highest mountain range on the planet. Reaching over 8000 meters, the expanse of the range crosses over 5000 kilometers through 5 countries (China, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan) and encountering 3 of the world's great religions of Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. To walk this range would take years. So we have developed the first ever Great Himalaya Journey taking you to the best hiking trails of the Great Himalaya Trail and joining these together with road trips, cycling and rafting. We have developed 11 sections for this journey, each between 22 and 35 days in length. At the end of the Journey you will have traversed the entire Himalaya mountain range from east to west on what must be considered one of the greatest journeys of all time.

Rise of the Himalaya is the first in our 11 part series, starting in the eastern most point of the Himalaya, Tibet. 

Your epic journey across the Himalaya starts in Tibet with our expert guide, Ismael Santos as you start something that will be with you for a life time.


  • Begin you journey where the Himalaya starts in the east
  • Visit Everst Base Camp on the northern side
  • Visit Lhasa the capital of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Trek for 8 days through the Gama Valley considered one of the most beautiful in the world
  • Explore high altitude lakes, undiscovered valleys and an ancient culture


Tibet not only represents the eastern most point of the Himalaya but also the start of our epic journey.

We will fly into Nyingchi at the base of the massive Namcha Bawar (7782m) and head east towards Ranwa Lake. Three peaks surround this sublime landscape, Yuhe Kangri (6327m), Gheni (6177m) and Ruoni (6882m). These mountains are considered the eastern most point of the Himalaya and it is from here we will start our journey west, back along the Himalaya.  

Once we return to Nyingchi, the range turns south west toward India and Bhutan, where we will join it in Section 2, Bhutan.

However we will continue westward until we reach the sacred city of Lhasa. From there we will head south west again toward the mighty north and east face of Mt Everest. Once there we will trek the Gama Valley between Makalu and Everest. Considered one of the most beautiful valleys in the Himalaya, the Gama abounds with diversified vegetation and rare animals including the Snow Leopard.

For 8 days we will explore and trek this rarely visited part of the Himalaya before heading to Rongbuk and Everest Base Camp. Our journey will end in Lhasa, concluding the first part of our Great Himalaya Journey.


Day 1. Arrival to Shanghai/Kathmandu
Day 2. Flight Shanghai/Kathmandu - Nyingchi
Day 3. Nyingchi to Bomi. Visit Cypress tree, Mt. Sekyim la, view of Namcha Barwa, and Lulang Forest
Day 4. Bomi to Rawo. Visit Midui Glacier and Ranwu Lake
Day 5. Ranwu Lake to Nyingchi 
Day 6. Nyingchi to Lhasa
Day 7. Lhasa tour: Potala palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Street
Day 8. Lhasa tour: Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery
Day 9. Drive from Lhasa to Tingri, starting point Gama trek. (11 hour drive)
Day 10. Trek Chutang Village 3700m – Youpa Village – Sangchung 4500m – anonymous Glacier 4600m (17km)
Day 11. Trek anonymous Glacier – Gabotso Lake 4300m (10km)
Day 12. Trek  Gabotso Lake 4300m - Tsola 5300m —Wooden House 4500m (17km)
Day 13. Trek Wooden House 4500m - Tsokuotso Lake 4300m – on the shore of the Garma Tsangbo River 3100m (15km)
Day 14. Trek Camping Place -- Nesangba 3340m - Showomi 3100m (17km)
Day 15. Trek Showomi 3100m – Kuolapo 2700m (17km)
Day 16. Trek Kuolapo 2700m - Chentang Village 2200m (15km)
Day 17. Trek Chentang Village 2200m - Kundinma 3200m - Tashi Raga - Riwo (4500m). End of trek. Drive to Tingri
Day 18. Drive Tingri to Rongbuk
Day 19. Trek Rongbuk – Everest B.C.
Day 20. Trek Everest B.C. – Rongbuk. Drive from Shigatse to Lhasa
Day 21. Lhasa – Shanghai/Kathmandu
Day 22. Return flight


  • Both experienced Western and Local Guides throughout
  • Electrolyte supplement such as Hydralyte, essential for such a trip
  • All domestic schedule flights
  • Satellite phone for emergency purposes
  • Accommodation in towns. In larger towns 3 star accommodation and in small villages, best available including Guest Houses and Home Stays.
  • All camping equipment including tents, floor mats, cooking utensils, bowls, knives, spoons, forks etc
  • Meals as outlined in Itinerary above.  All prepared by a trained Master Chef. (Dietary requirements can be incorporated)
  • All transfers
  • Nutritious and delicious food for Porter team who deserve the best.
  • Hand selected Guide and porter team (who carry all group equipment, food, set up tents etc)
  • At least 1 to 1 Porter-Client ratio


  • International airfares
  • Insurance
  • Meals not listed