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Note : This is a rarely run expedition into one of the remotest parts of Peru. It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the unknown and come face to face with nature at its most beautiful and rawest. 


  • Visit what is considered the last “Human free” jungle on the planet
  • Raft grade III-IV rapids
  • Travel into the deep Amazon from the Andes
  • This is remote rafting adventure at its best


(11 DAYS)


This exceptional expedition takes you into a rarely visited part of Peru, virtually from the shores of Lake Titicaca to the very heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Our journey to the river takes us high into the Andes with breathtaking views of the Apolobamba and Carabaya mountain ranges, before dropping down into the Amazon rainforest. From our put in on the banks of the Rio Tambopata, we soon bid farewell to all traces of civilisation as we head into pristine jungle in search of wilderness, wildlife and wild-water.

The first few days we tackle grade III-IV rapids. The rapids become less technical and more high volume roller coaster as the river grows through the Amazon Basin foothills. As we reach the Amazon Basin the last few days are spent drifting silently, spotting rare wildlife and exploring tributaries.

The Bahuaja / Sonene national reserve is considered to be the “World´s best-preserved Tropical Rainforest reserve” and the “Last Human-free Jungle on the planet”. It is home to jaguars, tapirs, giant otters and capybaras as well as over eight-hundred species of birds and twelve-hundred different species of butterflies. Rafting the Rio Tambopata, through the very heart of this National Park has recently been described by the scientific world as “The Ultimate Jungle Experience”.

A night in a comfortable jungle lodge beside the spectacular Macaw lick gives us time to explore jungle trails, before heading downriver past gold miners and so to Puerto Maldonado for a night, in time to catch your flight back to Lima and your international flight. Alternatively, there’s the opportunity to break this flight in Cusco - the ancient capital of the Incas- from where we can visit the amazing "Lost City of the Incas" Machu Picchu, and the beautiful Sacred Valley. Please enquire for more information.


Regions to discover

Puerto Maldonado and the Amazon

The base for the vast majority of Peruvian jungle trips, Puerto Maldonado sits on the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. From here you can visit on of many excellent jungle lodges and spend time in the jungle, taking in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the jungle. The nearby nature reserves are home to over 20,000 plant species, over 900 species of birds, 91 mammals, 1,630 butterflies, 127 amphibians and reptiles, and much more. It is also a haven for the Amazon's largest, most spectacular and most endangered predators - the jaguar, the giant otter, the harpy eagle and the black caiman.

Places Visited


The richest city in Peru is a dusty, rapidly growing town home to the region's airport and a waypoint on the Cusco-Puno train journey.

Tambopata Research Centre

One of the longest-established lodges in the Puerto Maldonado area, the TRC is an active research platform for a handful of scientists focusing on the many species of macaw and parrot that are present in the area. The lodge provides showers, excellent sustainably prepared food and comfortable beds as well as day walks into the surrounding jungle.

Puerto Maldonado

The last jungle city in Southern Peru before the Bolivian border, Puerto Maldonado sits at the confluence of the Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers, which eventually form the great Rio Amazonas. Puerto Maldonado is a hot humid and busy place, where tourism and the local mining industries live side by side.


Day 1

08:00 : On arrival in Juliaca airport (please book the early flight. We can do this for you too approximately $250), you will be met by the team to start the journey to the river. We drive overland, high into the Andes, passing llama herds, glaciers and spectacular mountain ranges. As we cut through the Andes, we begin to descend through Inca terraces and so to the cloud forest. We descend as far as we can into the cloud forest where we either camp overnight on the roadside or stay in a local basic hostal.

Included: English-speaking guide, transport, transfer to hotel, lunch, dinner, not including travel insurance, camping equipment (except sleeping bag)

Day 2

From here to our launching site on the banks of the Rio Tambopata, the road can be a real challenge. We drop deeper into the jungle and finally to Putina Punku. 

Here we pass the permit office, pay the S/.150 entrance and depending on water levels / road conditions either start rafting here or continue on the road a little further to a small village called Curva Alegre. We inflate the rafts and securely pack all our gear and supplies. Following a full safety briefing and instruction in the art of white water rafting, we don our life jackets and helmets and head into the Amazon rainforest. Any excess gear can be sent back with our vehicle to await our arrival in Cusco.

Included: English-speaking guide, transport, lunch, dinner, breakfast, camping equipment (except sleeping bag), all white-water & safety equipment.

Day 3

Leaving all traces of civilisation behind, we raft exciting rapids by day and at night camp on pristine sandy beaches. The first days are full of class II-III rapids, starting small and technical, giving us plenty of time to practise the necessary skills required to negotiate the harder rapids to come.

Included: English-speaking guide, lunch, dinner, breakfast, camping equipment (except sleeping bag), all white-water & safety equipment

Day 4

As tributary after tributary join the Tambopata the river increases in volume creating exciting and challenging class IV rapids. 

Plenty of time is allowed for scouting and photographing the harder rapids.

Included: English-speaking guide, lunch, dinner, breakfast, camping equipment (except sleeping bag), all white-water & safety equipment

Day 5

We enter the canyon of rapids. Forty-seven individual rapids were counted by one safety kayaker. In low water these are fun drops, in big water these can be quite exciting.

Included: English-speaking guide, lunch, dinner, breakfast, camping equipment (except sleeping bag), all white-water & safety equipment

Day 6

Eventually the river relaxes and for the last few days, our rafts float silently through the calmer stretches, giving us unequalled opportunities to observe and photograph wildlife. We can get out the Stand-up paddle boards for some amazing wild life spotting. Included: English-speaking guide, lunch, dinner, breakfast, camping equipment (except sleeping bag), all white-water & safety equipment

Day 7

Here we hope to see families of capybaras - the world's largest rodent, and herds of peccaries. Lone tapirs have also been known to walk through the campsite at night and monkeys watch us pass from their tree top hideaways.

Jaguars (jaguarondis), caiman, ant-eaters and giant river otters have also been spotted as well as countless species of rare birds and butterflies. Time is spent exploring beautiful side creeks and, if you wish, fishing for the delicious but elusive Paiche.

Included: English-speaking guide, lunch, dinner, breakfast, camping equipment (except sleeping bag), all white-water & safety equipment

Day 8


Today the motor boat transfers us a few hours down river to a comfortable jungle lodge situated beside the famous Macaw lick. Here we can enjoy the luxuries of a refreshing shower, a comfortable bed, fresh food and a cold beer. Resident expert guides are available for further jungle walks if desired.

Included: dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks, water

Day 9

Perhaps the wildlife highlight of the trip still awaits us as we rise just before dawn to see the truly extraordinary spectacle of hundreds of macaws, parrots, and parakeets feasting on the minerals contained in the cliff wall. After breakfast, the motor boat transfers us further downstream, passing groups of gold miners and finally to the frontier town of Puerto Maldonado and a well earned night in a hotel. Included: bed and breakfast, English-speaking guide, entrance fees, transport, lunch

Day 10

We transfer to Puerto Maldonado airport in time for your flight.

Included: transfer departure, breakfast


As per Itinerary


National or International flights, personal belongings, sleeping bag (available for hire at $10 a night), entrance to Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu mountain, personal expenses and insurance, tips, meals not stated in Itinerary.

The single supplement is only applicable if the clients wish a single room. If clients are willing to share the single supplement is not applicable. Once group composition is finalised, rooming will be allocated based on same sex twin room share.




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