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"My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful time on our recent sea kayaking tour in New Ireland - it was amazing and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to do something a bit different and has a bit of a taste for rustic adventure! Beautiful surrounds, gorgeous people, we were made to feel so welcome in all the islands and villages we stopped, the food was great - more fish and mudcrab than you could poke a stick at - the tents stood up to a pretty serious storm one night, and we were quite overwhelmed by the hospitality of the New Ireland people.

The ocean around the archipelago is absolutely pristine and the snorkelling is some of the best we have ever done in the world. The kayaks were sturdy and - surprisingly - not too challenging for us who have never kayaked before, and it was a great security knowing that we could jump into the boat at any time if it all got too much. It was also satisfying to know that we didn't need to take that option!

The guides were great, friendly and engaging, lots of fun, always up for a chat and a laugh, and couldn't have been any more helpful. We are sure that No Roads customers who are lucky enough to undertake the same tour will also find the same thing. They were lovely and gentle and we felt safe and comfortable with them at all times.

This trip visited some very remote and absolutely beautiful places and the memories of the people and especially the children we were lucky enough to meet and interact with will remain precious to us forever." Libby Topp PhD

"I've paddled a few tropical places - off the coast of Panama, through the Yasawa Islands in Fiji, around Hinchinbrook Island in Queensland and in Palawan in the Philippines. But in New Ireland, I had some of the most beautiful sea kayaking I've ever experienced." (Louise Southerden, Journalist).


  • Sea Kayak some of the most pristine and remote waters on earth
  • Visit remote and untouched villages
  • Snorkel abundant reef eco systems
  • Feast on delicious seafood freshly caught every day


There are few places on earth left to explore, however Papua New Guinea in many respects is an adventurers final frontier. With hundreds of islands and thousands of kilometers of coastline, PNG to this day has so many destinations ripe for exploration.

One such place is the Tigak area of north west New Ireland. 1.5 hours flight from Port Moresby, The Tigak area is famous for its surf and SCUBA Diving. A long chain of islands stretches out from New Ireland and skirts the east coast of New Hanover. These islands are surrounded by pristine clear water and untouched coral reefs, home to a plethora of sea life.

Inhabiting these islands are small villages that live off the sea. Some live on islands as small as a football field while others live on large islands that produce fruits and vegetables.

This sea kayaking expedition will explore this area, paddling from one small island to the next. We will visit people that have rarely seen outsiders, snorkel beautiful reefs and sample delicious sea food.

This 9 day expedition is for the the adventure traveller that want to explore new areas, meet new people and discover the wonders that Papua New Guinea has to offer.


Day 1: Arrive in Port Moresby and transfer to hotel. Free time to relax.
Day 2: Fly Port Moresby - Kavieng. 
Day 3: Nusa Island Retreat - Kabotteron Island 
Day 4: Kabotteron - Nusakelo 
Day 5: Nusakelo - Lamalangit 
Day 6: Lamalangit - Tsoilik 
Day 7: Tsoilik - Nusa Island Retreat. 
Day 8: Nusa Island Retreat -Port Moresby
Day 9: Fly home.

New Ireland people have been blessed with rich and varied cultural practices and values that blend well with the environment. The people of New Ireland are Melanesian and speak 22 local languages. Traditional clan power is wielded by chiefs, but clan rites and land claims are passed on in a matrilineal system.

The traditional art of calling sharks is practiced along the coast of New Ireland, but particularly on the West Coast around Kontu and Tembin where certain men have the ability to call up sharks. The unfortunate shark swims up to the caller's boat where they can be speared and netted. Alternatively the shark propeller is used - a noose is hung with half coconut shells which make a rattling noise, attracting the shark up through the noose. A rope attached to the noose is connected to a wooden propeller which is spun round to tighten the noose and simultaneously pulls in the rope. The shark, unable to keep moving, effectively drowns.

The people of New Ireland have three distinct cultures or traditional practices: Malagan, Kabai and Tumbuan. While Malagan and Kabai are unique only to New Ireland including the "traditional shark hunters", Tumbuan which is a men's sacred society and widely practiced by the Tolais in East New Britain Province, actually originated from the southern area of New Ireland in the Lak/Kandas area where it is mostly practiced. New Ireland's culture is rich, colourful and intricate.


Day 1: Arrive in Port Moresby and transfer to hotel. Free time to relax.

Day 2: Fly Port Moresby - Kavieng. (B, L, D).
You will be met at the airport by one of our team members and taken to the Nusa Island Retreat. This afternoon you will meet with your local Guide. We will check out our kayaks and go for a short practice paddle around Nusa Island.  That night we will have our expedition briefing. Overnight in Retreat.

Day 3: Nusa Island Retreat - Kabotteron Island (B, L, D)
Today we start paddling. But before we start our Guide will go through some safety issues. After breakfast, we set out for our first destination, Kabotteron Island approximately 2 hrs from the Retreat.

On the way we will stop at Nago Island (30 minutes away). Nago is a turtle nesting site so the chances of seeing turtles is very good. We will do some snorkelling there, before we head off for Enuk Island.

Enuk is a beautiful island, split by a narrow channel. Here we will have lunch and explore the island, escorted by one of the local villages.

From Enuk we head for Kabotteron and its southern tip. There we will set up camp and depending on the time of day, snorkel the reef just down from the village. Overnight  Masat Village.

Day 4: Kabotteron - Nusakelo (B, L, D)
After breakfast we will start NW towards Bangatang towards Nusaum. We will stop at Nusaum for a snorkel of the excellent reef.

From there we head another 30 minutes to the southern tip of Lemus Island. Here we will have the chance to snorkel one of the best beach reefs in the region. After some morning tea we will head off to our days final destination.

From Lemus, we will paddle on the outer reef towards Nusakelo. Depending on the tide, we may be able to cross into the inner reef along the coast of Bangatang.

Finally, we will reach Nusakelo, a small village on the southern tip of the Tsoi group of islands. This is a great place to rest under some enormous trees and explore the rocky coast.

After lunch, we can hop into the support boat and head back towards Patio Island and Nup for a snorkel in what we consider some of the best reefs in the world.

Overnight in tents overlooking the bay.

Day 5: Nusakelo - Lamalangit (B,L,D)
Today we paddle from Nusan Kelo to Lamalangit. This will be a relatively easy day, with a gentle paddle along the coast of the Tsoi group. We will have great views of the coast of New Hanover.

We will arrive in Lamalangit to a traditional greeting. In the afternoon, we may have a chance to take a traditional outrigger canoe into the channel with a local guide showing us some of the more interesting aspects of living in such a remote community. 

Day 6: Lamalangit - Tsoilik (B,L,D)
Today we track the west coast of the Tsoi group of islands. Just south of Mansava Village is a great snorkelling reef, which if the tide is right, we will explore. From there we will paddle to Tsoilik and a superb guest house area on the far north tip of the island with views over New Hanover and beyond. We will have a Village presentation that night. We will also have the chance to explore Tsoiliks lagoon and Bird Island where birds from all over the region come to nest. Overnight in very nice Bungalows.

Day 7: Tsoilik - Nusa Island Retreat. (B, L, D)
Today we transfer back to Nusa Island Retreat. If we leave early enough we will be back there by lunch. For those who wish to surf, there should be time in the afternoon.

Day 8: Nusa Island Retreat - Port Moresby (B)
After breakfast we will transfer to the mainland for our flight back to Port Moresby. There we will rest and celebrate our trip again.

Day 9: Fly home.


  • Kayak use with all safety gear including vest, paddle, decks etc
  • Accommodation throughout trip including 2 nights at the Holiday Inn Port Moresby and 2 nights at Nusa Island Retreat.
  • Support boat throughout
  • Radio contact between Kayakers, Support Boat and Kavieng
  • All domestic flights 
  • National park fees
  • Professional guide throughout expedition
  • Local tours
  • Airport transfers
  • Ranger and local guide fees
  • All meals as indicated in itinerary (7 Breakfast, 6 Lunches and 6 Dinners)
  • Cultural displays

Single Supplement - A Single Supplement applies to this trip of $650. However if you want to share but we can't get someone to share with you, you do not need to pay the supplement. It only applies to people who want a single room in Port Moresby and Nusa Ireland.


  • International Airfares
  • Travel Insurance




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