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Image for 6 Day Great Ocean Walk

6 Day Great Ocean Walk

Unpack your bags, as we will call Johanna Beach "home" for the next 5 nights. Each day we will head out and walk this wonderful coastline, taking in its history and its raw beauty before heading back ...More!

Image for Epic Victorian Traverse

Epic Victorian Traverse

We will spend 6 days and 5 nights crossing the Bogong High Plains and summitting these two wonderful mountains. Days will be spent trekking with snowshoes, across windswept ridgelines while the nights...More!

Image for Flinders Island Explorer

Flinders Island Explorer

Flinders Island is the largest island in the Furneux group of islands that lies in Bass Strait off the north-west coast of Tasmania. The island itself was the second manned colony after Sydney and has...More!

Image for Grampians Peaks Trail

Grampians Peaks Trail

Just imagine sitting at your camp, miles from civilisation, in an ancient landscape watching the milky way explode to life above you and not having a care in the world. Your tents are set up, your din...More!

Image for Grampians: Sip and Scramble

Grampians: Sip and Scramble

This guided Grampians trek combines moderate to difficult walks at both the northern and southern ends of the Grampians, with wonderful local produce and cuisine. It is a combination of getting out in...More!

Image for Great Alpine Traverse Summer

Great Alpine Traverse Summer

We will spend 6 days and 5 nights crossing the Bogong High Plains and summitting Victoria's two highest mountains, Mt Bogong and Mt Feathertop. Days will be spent trekking across windswept ridgelines ...More!

Image for Great Australian Survivors Trek

Great Australian Survivors Trek

Is there a better way to learn about historical events than through direct experience? Here at No Roads Expeditions, we're not sure there is, and that's why we've created the Great Australian Survivor...More!

Image for High Country: Pedal & Prosecco

High Country: Pedal & Prosecco

This weekend in the Victorian High Country is the opportunity to breathe the fresh, mountain air with friends old and new. We have tailored this trip to give people the best the High Country has to of...More!

Image for Outback to Ocean

Outback to Ocean

Our journey begins in the Grampians located in western Victoria only 3 hours from Melbourne. This 160-kilometre long mountain range is made up of a series of giant escarpments that run parallel to eac...More!

Image for Razorback Winter Trek

Razorback Winter Trek

The Razorback is a stunning ridgeline running north-south between Mount Feathertop and Mount Hotham. It is one of Victoia's most scenic walks, revelling in 360-degree views the entire way along its 11...More!

Image for Spicers Scenic Trail Queensland

Spicers Scenic Trail Queensland

The Spicers Scenic Trail is a perfect combination of fine dining, accommodation and trekking. Our 6-day 5-night journey will take us across Cunninghams Gap, the Great Dividing Range and through World ...More!

Image for Trekking Towards Kokoda

Trekking Towards Kokoda

Home to some of the best outdoor activities in Victoria is the town of Warburton. You can spend a weekend in Warburton hitting the cycling tracks, paddling along the river, or hiking one of its many t...More!

Image for Yarra Valley Traipsing and Tasting

Yarra Valley Traipsing and Tasting

Surrounded by wild mountainous terrain, the Yarra Valley spills out into a glorious temperate landscape. This is the perfect environment to make sublime wine, and a little adventure. Throughout this ...More!