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First Ever Traverse of Kabangama - PNG

There are over 12, 4000m peaks in PNG some without a name and some have never been climbed before. Building on the sucess of our recent traverse of Mt Giluwe (a world first) we are returning to PNG in 2018 to traverse Kabangama, a 4100m peak that has never been climbed. This will be an epic journey into the highlands of a wonderful country. If you want to be one of the first then come with us in July 2018. For more information about Kabangama click here

Mount Kabangama

Rise of the Himalaya Tibet

Tibet Great Himalaya Trail

The Himalaya spans over 5000kms across the Asian continent forming one of the highest plateaus and the highest mountain range on the planet. Home to 3 of the Earth's great religions and 1000's of ethnic groups, the journey from one end of the Himalaya to the other will take you through 5 different countries and to walk it would take years.

In 2018, we start our journey across the Himalaya in Tibet, the eastern most point of the range. We have divided the entire journey across the Himalaya into 11 separate expeditions ranging from 22 to 35 days. We have pieced together all the best, most spectacular, interesting and at times challenging sections so that you can journey across this range not in years but in a matter of months.

And the first journey starts in August 2018 with Rise of the Himalaya, through Tibet and Lhasa to Everest Base Camp (north) and the famed and rarely visited Gama Valley. Join us on this epic journey, the start of the project that will take you years to complete but one that few can say have done before you.

Click here to learn more about our Rise of the Himalaya.

Italian Al Fresco

Italy Trekking Dolomites

Coming in July 2018 will our new style of trekking in the European Alps, more specifically the Dolomites in Italy. Details will not be available until September this year however we can tell you that this is a whole new way to explore the Alps in comfort, trekking, cycling, via ferrata, drinking fine wine, eating great food, exploring small villages and all from a hub high in the Italian Alps. Stay tuned!

The Heart of Sri Lanka

Khomale Bridge Sri Lanka

The opening of Sri Lanka has seen a flood of tourists into its wonderful coastal areas. However Sri Lanka has an enourmous untouched central highland that is just perfect for exploration and trekking. We will head off into this wilderness in 2018, camping in the jungle and open plains, following animal trails and even rail trails. To get a real insight into Sri Lanka join us on this exploration into the heart of this wonderful island nation.

More information coming soon!