Kokoda Helicopter Full

Kokoda Helicopter Full

Imagine flying over the Kokoda Track in our 6 seater helicopter, visiting all the major battle sites along the way including Kokoda, Deniki, Isurava and Brigade Hill. This birds-eye view will give you a greater appreciation of what happened during the Second World War as battlefields make more sense from above and the terrain that needed to be negotiated unravels below.

This is a perfect way to end your own Kokoda expedition as you will truly appreciate what you achieved. And if you are unable to walk the Track yourself, then this is the perfect way to experience the Kokoda Track first hand.

The helicopter can take 6 passengers or a payload of 650kgs. 

The flight is approximately 40 minutes each way PLUS 40 minutes at Isurava to explore the area. All flights will leave from Jacksons Airfield and include the following:

The cost per person is based on a full flight of 6 passengers.

Cost $1100 per person