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What if I or another traveller is diagnosed with, or suspected of having COVID-19?

In the instance of such a scenario, we would immediately consult with medical authorities and follow their direction. This could impact the individual, or the entire group depending on the situation. Were it to cause the cancellation of the trip, we’d do our best to recoup anything possible and credit it towards a future trip. 

What happens if I’ve already had COVID-19?

If you’ve already suffered from COVID-19 and have recovered, then there’s no issue. As long as you’ve since tested negative, then you’re welcome to participate.

How do I know if any trips are running?

In a broader sense, we’re always governed by any national or government declared restrictions Travel Advice page. This is updated as regularly as possible as local updates are provided. Certainly, some countries will reopen to travel sooner than others. If you have an existing booking and the departure has been impacted, our team will contact you directly as soon as they are made aware.

If I reschedule do I have to pick a trip and a date now?

No, you can leave this for later. Simply let us know at least 90 days before the scheduled departure of any new trip you would like to go on. This of course, will be subject to availability so it would be good to know further in advance where possible.

If I reschedule what happens to my funds?

These will be kept in a Lifetime Deposit scheme that can be used on any No Roads trip in the future and anywhere in the world. There is no time limit to use the funds and they can be transferred to another person. 

Can I get travel insurance to cover me for COVID-19?

In a broader sense, most travel insurance does not provide cover for Epidemics and Pandemics. The travel insurance sector is still assessing how it will respond to COVID-19 at this time, however, it is unlikely that many providers will extend cover for it. It is certainly best to check with your personal provider.



As a solo traveller, will I be required to share a room with a stranger?

For some trips, yes. Our trips are usually based upon twin-share accommodation or solo tented accommodation. Many of our trips also include an upgraded single supplement option. Where this is not the case, we’re working hard with our accommodation providers to offer this, unfortunately this is not always possible (some simply do not have single rooms. Huts may be bunk style beds or open floors). If this is a concern, please reach out and we can discuss transferring an alternative trip or a refund of your deposit if you’ve already booked.

What is the likelihood that my trip will run as per my itinerary given the impact of COVID-19?

In truth, we don’t honestly know. We have already worked hard to redesign our trips to accommodate the impact that COVID-19 has already had. That said, we are fully aware that the situation can change rapidly. Changing our schedule is not something we take lightly; however, it will be considered as necessary for the health and wellbeing of guests and locals should the need arise. In all instances, we would be looking for equitable or comparable experiences where possible.