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Five Reasons Why You Should Add The Northern Beachheads To Your Kokoda Trek

The Northern Beachheads of Sanananda, Buna and Gona are a rarely explored area of Papua New Guinea. The historical significance of the Northern Beachheads to Australia’s War effort is very large and it is a perfect extension at the end of your Kokoda trek. Here are five reasons why you should consider a Kokoda Track and Northern Beachheads Trek.


1.     To See More of Papua New Guinea:

 For most people, they will trek Kokoda, and visit Papua New Guinea, just the one time. At the end of Kokoda, trekkers will often feel like they want to see more of this country and get to know more about the local people. The Northern Beachheads is a completely different area of PNG in comparison to Kokoda, both beautiful, but total opposites. From visiting the Northern Beachheads you will experience a side of PNG that such a small number of visitors ever will, and you will gain a stronger understanding of this country.

Sunset in Sanananda Beach

2.     For Some R&R

Upon landing at the Northern Beachheads, after travelling by 40 minutes on a banana boat, you will feel like you have left civilisation completely behind and ended up on Gilligan’s Island. While there is plenty to see and experience there is also some time to swim in the ocean, sit on the sand and witness some of the best sunsets you could ever imagine. You might think when you arrive in Sanananda how perfect would it be for someone to set up a health retreat or spa here, however that will never happen here, and this is what makes it uniquely, and so authentically, PNG.


3.     The Food

The best thing about staying right on the ocean is the food. It is not uncommon to be cooked lobster for dinner amongst other fresh fish that has just been caught that day. Whilst the food on the Kokoda Track is quite tasty, nothing compares to the delicious and fresh food you will be served in Sanananda.

4.     The History

The most important reason to come to the Northern Beachheads is for the history. So many Australian’s fought on the Northern Beachheads of Buna, Sanananda, and Gona. The Battle of the Beachheads was the bloodiest of all the Papua New Guinea campaigns. You will see many war relics as you explore these areas and hear about battles that rarely get discussed, but are very important in Australia’s history.

War Relics northern beach heads


5.     The Locals

The people in the Northern Beachheads are welcoming and hospitable. The children are fascinated by you and will want to show you how happy they are to have you visiting Sanananda. They will sometimes show their friendship by making you jewellery out of the shells and other parts of the environment and gifting it to you. The children love to hold your hand as they show you around the beautiful place they call home.

PNG child