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How Easter Is Celebrated Around the World

Easter is celebrated in different ways all over the world. Many Australian’s will use this four day weekend to escape the city and enjoy time by the beach or camping in the bush. It is generally the last few days of nice weather as summer days are slowly fading away. From reading crime books to hanging up and beating Judas straw dolls, every country has their own unique tradition and customs.


Brazil is a deeply religious country and the Brazlians celebrate Easter Old Testament style. Straw dolls are created to represent Judas, the betrayer of Jesus. These dolls are tied up to trees around town and are beaten and blown up by fireworks. 


Romance is in the air in Hungary over Easter and it is seen as a time of rebirth and new beginnings. On Easter Monday men sprinkle perfume on women and try their luck by asking for a kiss. This custom comes from country tradition as young farmhands used to throw a bucket of cold water of girls of marrying age on Easter Monday as a way of showing their interest.


The Norwegians head to their cabins in the woods over Easter and indulge in reading crime books. Crime authors release their novels in the lead up to Easter and there is always plenty of suspenseful thrillers available during this holiday period. There would be worse ways to spend an Easter weekend of reading a crime book whilst eating a chocolate bunny and drinking a glass of wine in a Norwegian cabin.


In Sweden children dress up as Easter Witches in long skirts and paint their cheeks red. The children go knocking on doors and trade their paintings for sweets. For the Swedish adults Easter is about spending time with family and eating traditional food of meatballs, pickled fish and eggs.