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Why Do You Travel?

What do you love about travel? What is it that makes your heart sing when you look at a travel brochure or an advert on TV for a holiday? Do you travel for pure hedonism, for relaxation, to conquer a mountain, to getaway from everyone or to reconnect with your family/friends in a meaningful way?

Those few weeks in the year, those precious few weeks, that you spend your time off from work should be well and truly thought through. That time is to be cherished, and should be treated as such. So what are your goals of the time off? This could range from spending time with friends, being active, to achieve a life goal, to broaden your mind with culture and food, to do as little as possible, to read a book. The list goes on. And it is usually a combination of all these and more.

If you close your eyes and think about your dream holiday what do you picture? Are you kayaking in crystal blue waters without a care in the world? Are you in a mysterious land where you can smell spices and hear languages that are new to your ears? Are you standing tall on top of a mountain knowing that you have conquered something you have worked towards and trained for and you are now rewarded with a view that takes your breath away? Are you getting pampered at a massage retreat? Or maybe a combination of all these.

Think carefully because this is important. This is your precious time, your photographs, your memories, your hard-earned cash. And it is the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday. Entrust this with people who will listen to you and understand why you travel.