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Why You Shouldn't Do The Normal Machu Picchu

Why we don't do the typical Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu: If you want to do a Sacred Valley tour, how do you choose who to travel with?
There are hundreds of companies offering “the” Sacred Valley tour. But we prefer to do it a little differently.

We believe in quality over quantity. We believe that you get what you pay for. We do not try to offer the cheapest Sacred Valley tour. We do not even try to show you all the sites in the Sacred Valley. However we do try to give you the best taste of the area in the time you have available.

The photo that accompanies this post, was taken at Ollantaytambo ruins about 4pm. Most days you can go to Ollantaytambo at 4pm and it will be exactly the same. Because that is how a standard Sacred Valley tour is done.

What is a standard Sacred Valley tour like?
Leaving Cusco early, you jump on a bus with twenty or thirty other tourists and are driven round site after site, before finally returning to Cusco exhausted about 7pm. Often this is done on your first full day in Cusco. So not only are you suffering from tiredness and jet lag, but you are also only recently getting used to the altitude. And every place you go, you will see hundreds of other tourists, all doing the same thing in the same order. This is not our idea of fun.
What makes our Sacred Valley tour different?
Your tour is private. You have a guide and vehicle at your disposal. Your guide will tailor it to your wishes and pace.

By careful timing, we can avoid the crowds. Simply by not visiting things in the same order as everyone else.

Crowded Inca Ruin

By encouraging you to leave the bus behind and hop on a horse, or bike, or take a stroll, we can show you a side to the Sacred Valley that most people never see. It does not take long, or take much effort to get away from the tourist buses.

By taking it slower, you can concentrate on and fully enjoy a few select sites, rather than trying to cram in the whole of the valley in one day. Remember the Sacred Valley is a large area. The drive from Cusco to Ollantaytambo, its furthest point is about 60km. The valley itself extends about 60km. You should not try to see it all in one day.

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