Weekend Escapes
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The best backyard in the world - Ours!

Our new local escapes are more about reconnecting us with our local communities, showcasing the incredible landscapes, culture and producers of each region. These areas are brimming with talent and unique experiences you simply can't find anywhere else on the planet. Each trip has been designed around our commitment to providing bespoke private nature-based experiences while helping those local communities that have been affected by the January 2020 bush fires and the COVID 19 bounce back. We are taking you on adventures into the best backyard on the planet - Ours!

No Roads Weekend Escapes

Trekking Towards Kokoda

Standing on a rock

Standing on a mountain

Great Australian Survivors Trek

Trouser Point Flinders island

Yarra Valley Weekender

Snow capped peak Epic Traverse

Glamping in Tasmania

Alpine traverse victoria australia

Victorian high country trek

Feathertop Razorback in winter